Aligned Interests

The most important aspect to me when starting Intello was making sure my interests aligned with my customer. What is good for me, needs to be good for them. 

What I didn’t want was to create a situation where my success was at the expense of the customer. For example, a bank makes money by selling debt. The more debt their customers are in, the more money they make. Debt is, of course, dangerous for an individual to accrue, and should only be used as an absolute last resort. As such, I do not see an aligned interest between the bank and the customer. 

Serving Business Owners

I also wanted to create a product that serves business owners specifically. Other accounting software is designed with the accountant in mind. From a business standpoint, this makes perfect sense. They sell their product to an accounting firm, that firm then sells hundreds (even thousands) of subscriptions to clients, and, boom, success. Accounting firms, however, demand software that is complex enough to use with all their clients (both big and small). This results in a software far too complex and cumbersome for the average business owner’s bookkeeping needs. 

On the surface, this might not seem like a big deal. The popular narrative around bookkeeping is that it is a waste of time. It stops business owners from doing what they love. I’ll admit, I don’t love the act of bookkeeping myself but, much like I don’t always love exercising, I do love how it empowers me.

Seeking Simplicity

The people I seek to serve are the business owners, not the accountants. To align Intello’s interests with those of business owners, we focused on creating bookkeeping software so simple, it doesn’t make sense to hire someone to do it for them.

I knew that if I wanted Intello to be successful, a few important boxes would need checking. First, Intello had to be tolerable for people to use – especially for those with no prior experience in bookkeeping. Secondly, I needed to ensure users felt a level-of-confidence much akin to having hired an accountant to do the work for them. Lastly, the value that users would get out of Intello needed to be greater than the costs associated with hiring someone to do their bookkeeping.  I needed to create a product that would save businesses money, while not taking up a significant amount of their time. Intello successfully checks each one of these boxes. The software is designed to be simple enough for any business owner to use, regardless of experience.

Creating Financial Confidence

Intello tracks, organizes, and files expenses in the correct manner, giving business owners peace of mind, knowing their finances are being taken care of properly. Most importantly, Intello helps save business owners thousands of dollars in accounting fees.

I needed to create a product that would save businesses money, while not taking up a significant amount of their time.”

David, Intello Founder

Intello is perfectly aligned with business owners, and it will always stay that way. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial.